Journey there

Dep. Maierleibnitzstr07:32(Meet at bus-stop)
Arr. Hauptbahnhof08:15(Meet under departure board, platforms 25-26)
Dep. Hauptbahnhof08:48
Arr. Prien am Chiemsee09:48
Dep. Prien am Chiemsee10:02
Arr. Aschau10:17

Hike start point

Hike map


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Hike description

  1. From Aschau Bahnhof (615m) walk east for 1Km to the Hallenbad.
  2. Turn south onto the E4 and walk for 1Km to where the path divides into the E4 and 10 (c.980m).
  3. Then stay on the 10 as it gentle climbs to Klausenhütte (Austria) (1508m) over about 7Km.
  4. Follow the path 2Km as it turns back north-east over Klausenberg (1548m) to Predigstuhl (1492m).
  5. Stay on the same path for 3Km as it sharply turns north-west and then north to where it meets the path 26 and then the E4 again (1356m).
  6. From there, there is a 3Km loop, south-west over Hochries (1563m) and then – slightly to the north – north-east back again.
  7. Then it is an gentle 7Km back down the the E4/10 fork (c.980m), and then 2Km back to Aschau.

Hike end point


Gasthof Kampenwand in Aschau has a limited but excellent menu. (Please try to make it for the meal – it’s the best part of the day!)

Journey back

Dep. Aschau17:5018:48 20:18
Arr. Prien18:0319:03 20:33
Dep. Prien18:0919:1020:09 21:1022:13
Arr. Hauptbahnhof19:1220:2021:12 22:1923:16


Important stuff

  1. If you want to share a group ticket let me know!
  2. You should definitely check the weather!
  3. For my peace of mind, some conditions apply!

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