Journey there

Dep. Maierleibnitzstr08:12(Meet at bus-stop or on bus 293)
Arr. Hauptbahnhof09:00(Meet under departure board, platforms 25-26)
Dep. Hauptbahnhof09:33
Arr. Fischbachau10:42

Hike start point

Hike map


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Hike description

  1. From Fischbachau (775m) 4Km south going up the Aurachtal forest path to Benzingalm (c.1450m).
  2. Follow the path up the back of Benzingalm for 600m, up to the ridge (c.1600m) between Benzingalm and Jägerbaueralm.
  3. Then for 2 Km, follow the south-westerly path (not the Nord Grad path directly up Jägerkamp) under Jägerkamp and then double back south and then east along the Lochgrabenschneid ridge to Jägerkamp (1746m).
  4. Then head south-east for 2Km along the fairly level path to Rauhkopf (1689m) (not along the descending path to Schönfeldalm).
  5. Then descend rapidly over 1Km through woodland to the Taubenstein lift station (c.1600m).
  6. Then follow the gravel path north-east which descends over 8Km to Osterhofen (780m).

Hike end point


We’ll eat somewhere in Osterhofen. (Please try to make it for the meal – it’s the best part of the day!)

Journey back

Dep. Osterhofen18:0619:0620:0621:0622:06
Arr. Hauptbahnhof19:2620:2621:2622:2623:26



Important stuff

  1. If you want to share a group ticket let me know!
  2. You should definitely check the weather!
  3. For my peace of mind, some conditions apply!

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