Journey there

Dep. Maierleibnitzstr07:09(Meet at bus-stop or on bus 290)
Arr. Hauptbahnhof07:55(Meet under departure board, platforms 25-26)
Dep. Hauptbahnhof08:20
Arr. Immenstadt10:15

Hike start point

Hike map


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Hike description

  1. Exit Immenstadt station (729m) on the road side, turn right, and walk back east 200m and cross the footbridge across the railway. Continue walking south for about 500m.
  2. When you see the wooden bridge to the left of the main path, turn and cross it. Immediately the path forks; take the right fork off the path towards Mittag Mittelstation. Continue past the Mittelstation (c.1050m) and up on to the Mittagberg-Steineberg-Stuiben ridge (1451m). (If you actually reach the top lift station then you have missed the unsigned path onto the ridge which is 30m before the station.)
  3. Then walk about 1Km south-west along the ridge to to Bärenkopf. (1463m) (This was as far as I got due to very strong winds.)
  4. Then a further 2Km south-west along the Nagelfluhkette ridge to Steineberg (1660m).
  5. Then a further 4Km south-west along the ridge to Stuiben (1749m).
  6. 1Km further to Sedererstuiben (1737m), and then returning 500m and forking south for 2Km across Rothen-Alm to Omach-Alm (1200m).
  7. Then return 10Km north-east along the Gunzesrieder Tal – parallel to and south of the ridge to Blaichach.

Hike end point


We’ll eat somewhere in Blaichach. (Please try to make it for the meal – it’s the best part of the day!)

Journey back

Dep. Blaichach18:5319:3520:3321:02
Arr. Immenstadt 20:37
Dep. Immenstadt 20:40 (Plt.2)
Arr. Kempten19:2020:0220:56
Dep. Kempten19:44 (Plt.4)20:31 (Plt.4)21:05 (Plt.5)
Arr. Buchloe 21:16
Dep. Buchloe 21:21 (Plt.1)
Arr. Hauptbahnhof21:1722:1022:3423:10



Important stuff

  1. If you want to share a group ticket let me know!
  2. You should definitely check the weather!
  3. For my peace of mind, some conditions apply!

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