Journey there

Dep. Garching07:38(via Marienplatz, arrives Bhf 08:09)
Dep. Ismaning07:36(arrives Bhf 08:03)
Meet Hauptbahnhof08:15(meet before under departure board by platforms 25-26, after on train)
Dep. Hauptbahnhof08:32
Arr. Garmisch09:56
Dep. Garmisch10:04(Gleis 4 Süd)
Arr. Griesen10:19

Hike start point

Hike map


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Hike description

WARNING: this is a very hard hike! I had to to return from the top the same way I came up, instead of continuing round!

  1. From Griesen Bahnhof (c.800m) walk 100m north-west to the main road, then walk 100m left south-west along the main road, and turn right north-west on the G10/251/252/253 footpath.
  2. Follow the path for 2Km, staying close to the Neldernach stream on the left, passing three right turnings (in order: for G10/253, 253, FR) and taking the fourth right turning onto the 252 path, which is signed “Schellschlicht 251 252” (c.840m).
  3. Follow the 252 path for 1Km north-west until it forks at the klamm (c.980m). The left fork labelled “Schellalm Schellschlicht 251” goes up the ridge from the west. The right fork labelled “Sunkensattel 252” goes up the ridge from the east.
  4. Take the right fork north for 4Km until it reaches the ridge (c.1680m).
  5. Ascend along the ridge path north-east for 1.5Km to Schellschlicht (2053m). There are some metal ropes to hold, but the path is not very safe.
  6. Continue along the ridge path south-east for 1Km to just before Brandjoch (1957m). There is one point where you must climb down an escarpment for about 4 metres with your hands! (I only got this far because I was so exhausted!)
  7. Descent along the same path for 4Km back to a fork (c.1100m) at which two footpaths go down and one other (probably small and unsigned) path leads up.
  8. Take the left fork east for 1Km, which brings you back to the fork at the klamm (c.980m).
  9. From there return as you came to Griesen Bahnhof (c.800m).

Hike end point


We’ll eat at Zum Wildschütz. From the south-west side of the main railway line, it is a few blocks away at Bankgasse 9. (Please try to make it for the meal – it’s the best part of the day!)

Journey back

Dep. Griesen16:4317:4318:4319:43
Arr. Garmisch-Partenkirchen16:5917:5918:5919:59
Dep. Garmisch-Partenkirchen17:0418:0419:0420:0421:0422:0423:04
Arr. Hauptbahnhof18:2719:2720:2721:2722:2723:2700:27


Important stuff

  1. If you want to share a group ticket let me know!
  2. You should definitely check the weather!
  3. For my peace of mind, some conditions apply!

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